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    Jahn-Tasche' and 'Hamosons' Briefcases are Manufactured from High Quality Leathers

    Here you will find a wide selection of different messenger bags. From casual to classic style, all briefcases have an affordable price combined with high-quality in common. Our briefcases are made from tanned cowhide, buffalo and nappa leathers combined with excellent craftsmanship.


    Briefcases of top quality and functional design

    We are dedicated to bringing you high quality leather bags, all of which have been expertly crafted of 100% genuine leather.

    The distinctive design of our leather messenger bags combines thoughtful functionality with innovative details. Our collections are both stylish and practical, and come in a variety of different colours, mainly in natural shades of brown, black and tan.


    Get your individual messenger bag

    Each bag is unique and gains an individual patina, depending on the way it is cared for and used. If you treat your leather bag well, we assure you, it will look much better in the end than the time of your purchase! Briefcases from Jahn-Tasche and Hamosons are your best choice since all are attractive.

    In the end our leather bags can never be out of fashion, no matter what the prevailing trends are!


    Not only a leather bag
    Protecting people and the environment in the manufacturing process is a priority for us. Our own brand uses only high-quality leathers, which are guaranteed pollution-free by AZO, PCP and DMF standards.

    We have full confident in our briefcases. We also believe you’ll be inspired by our bags. Every time you purchase through this online store you have a fortnight-long right of rescission and a two year warranty.