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    In the beginning he just did a favour to his father, wholesaler in leather: as newly examined product designer Dirk Jahn began to work with the material leather and designed a few leather bags of the paternal brand Hamosons. The briefcases, teachers' satchels and rucksacks of this brand are characterised by timeless classic, they have durability and comfort.

    By and by the number of bags grew and Dirk started to sell the bags online. Furthermore he designed a new produkt line 'Jahn-Tasche'.

    Meanwhile the online shop has been established professionally and Dirk Jahn founded his own company 'Jahn-Lederwaren'.


    Parallel to the brand Hamosons with sturdy everyday satchels made of thick saddle leather and robust backpacks Dirk Jahn designed the new top-quality product line Jahn-Tasche of messenger bags and rucksacks.

    To enhance our assortment we took a look around other manufacturers and brands that harmonize with our firm-philosophy and our range of products:


    So we met the beautiful soft leatherware of Branco – wallets in scores of shapes and styles in various colours, and high-quality backpacks and laptop bags.


    A newcomer in our range of products is the brand Harold's.

    The products are produced at a small company in South America - except the line, which is made in Germany.

    This cooperation was established in 1985 on the basis of labour agreements regulated by law and on the basis of jobs subject to social security in contrast to the usual and widely spread migratory labour in this region. As a result of these guidelines, most of the workers of our South American partner have been with the company for more than 20 years – a fact that guarantees profound and sustainable know-how and thus high quality of the products.

    The leather applied comes from the surrounding regions in South America. The same applies to the cattle, which live in the nature in South America and not in barns as most of the animals in Europe do. Harold‘s brand collections are put together in Germany. This means that they are not commodities in the traditional sense. In order to ensure that the workmanship corresponds as closely as possible to the design idea, all communication is done in the local language – Spanish. The working conditions and the afore-mentioned statutory conditions and insurances are the prerequisite for a high quality of production which can only be established through many years of experience and training. The workers have a very high level of manual skill and technical know-how which is refl ected in the extremely neat and long-lasting workmanship. Where work is performed by migratory workers, this is not possible.

    Hecho a mano – a special South American characteristic. This does not refer merely to the manual work as such, but, more importantly to a process which functions according to the formula „leave things as they are“. This begins with the fact that the cattle live outside on vast fields (in contrast to European cowsheds). During the production phase, the leather is also treated very gently and every effort is made to ensure that the material retains its natural qualities. Great importance is attached to the haptics of the material.