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Desk accessories - in timeless design and elegant finish


Are you looking for beautiful desk accessories for men and women? You appreciate exclusive style and want to significantly enhance your workplace in the office or while working from home with high-quality office accessories, even with a little luxury? Voilà, the search is over, because we offer you: leather desk accessories

Whether PC wrist restpencil casemouse pad or desk pad - all our desk accessories are also made of high-quality real leather. The simple, straightforward design without any frills is "made in Germany" and comes from the designer Dirk Jahn, the founder and owner of Jahn-Lederwaren, who not only has the practical functionality of the products in mind, but also always pays attention to the feel, the look, the style of the natural product "leather" used.

How does the soft nappa leather feel in the hand, how does the natural grain of the buffalo leather come into its own visually? All those who fundamentally love leather as a material, the smell of leather, the rich feel, the special patina that can develop over time, will certainly enjoy the Jahn leather items and especially the office accessories.
Think for example of a desk pad to beautify your workplace with functionality, coupled with quality and aesthetics. Invest something in your feel-good ambience, because:  It's simply better to work in beautiful surroundings.



Desk pad leather

Don't want to use paper or plastic desk pads? We have a wide range of desk pads in our assortment, but all our desk pads for the office or your desk at home are characterized by the fact that they are made of high-quality real leather. Our leather desk pads come in quite a few different colors, sizes and varieties, so you can choose the desk pad that best suits your desk and needs:




We have high-quality desk pads in blackbrown and cognac brown, but also desk leather pads in beigegrey and green. So instead of choosing a leather desk pad in the classic colors of black, brown and cognac, you can opt for the more rare color options of beige, dark anthracite grey and dark olive green. Or are you looking for a leather desk pad with a vintage look? Just choose the version that will most optimally enrich your workplace and create a pleasant atmosphere.



We have desk pads in large (L) and very large (XL). The very large desk pad is 70 x 50 cm between the format DIN A2 and A1, our smaller desk pads have approximately the dimensions 60 x 40 cm. In any case, concerning the dimension, all our leather pads are generously designed so that your computer keyboard and the pc mouse easily fit on the mat. An additional mouse pad is not necessary.


Leather characteristics:

For our leather writing pads we use only very high quality real leather.


This special genuine leather scores with its extreme resistance: It impresses with its abrasion resistance, is very lightfast and is also dirt and water repellent. So the desk pad is washable and you can easily wipe the leather mat with a damp cloth when needed. So don't worry about spilled drinks or dropped crumbs - should it be necessary, you can clean the easy-care pad very easily and it will look tiptop again.


In addition, the underside is made of lining leather, which has an anti-slip effect, so that the pad always stays in place and does not slip away on the table. So all in all, this is a high quality leather that is very durable. So you will certainly have your pleasure with your desk pad for a long time.



  • Robust & abrasion resistant
  • Lightfast & Colorfast
  • Dirt & water repellent
  • Easy care & washable
  • Anti-slip underside


The important thing ist, no matter which model you finally decide on, the following applies to all our variants: The stylish leather desk pad with the rounded edges and the sturdy seams stand out with its almost puristic simplicity and its high quality material. The leather immediatly gives your desk a quit, concentrated work atmosphere while working from home or at your office. That way, work is done easiert and quicker. 


Desk pad with edge protection

Looking for a leather desk pad with edge protector? No problem, we have it.
Our angled desk pad is made of a special buffalo leather and is the elegant and at the same time easy-care alternative to a desk pad made of cork, PVC or paper, for example.

Characteristics of our edge protector desk pad:

  • Large (size XL)
  • High quality real leather
  • Durable & Stylish
  • Sturdy L-profile on steel
  • Non-slip reverse side & Washable

Overall, a high-quality and at the same time extremely resistant unicolored desk pad with protective strip made of real leather in size XL - this much luxury for your own desk while working in office or from home is just fine!

An important advantage: The beautiful desk pad can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and due to the lining leather on the reverse side, the pad lies firmly on the surface and does not slip away.


Personalized Desk Pad 

You can also have a personalized engraving created on your desk pad:
So that you can personalize your desk pad, we will engrave your nameinitials, desired text or even a logo on your desk pad using modern laser engraving. With a desk pad personalized according to your ideas, you will receive a very special gift - either for your loved ones or perhaps even for yourself.


Leather desk pad with engraving

The lettering or initials are burned into the leather with a laser. The result looks very chic and is very durable. Unlike a print, the concise black laser inscription namely does not wear out, because the lettering is worked into the upper layer of the leather a bit deepened during the laser process. The result is a permanent inscription. A real advantage in terms of sustainable use of products!
And the result is not only very accurate, but you also get a haptic tangible effect due to the depression in the leather. So, why still waiting - Upgrade your leather item with a personalized laser engraving!

But please note: If it is a black desk pad, the text to be engraved may not be easy to read, as in this case black would be engraved on black. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you and may have a reasonable alternative ready (Telephone Support: 07071 - 79 631 42).


Individual Embossing

Alternatively, you can also have an individual embossing stamp created. This is especially interesting for those who are looking for a high-quality promotional gift (in larger quantities) and want to give their customers a real pleasure with a beautiful and at the same time useful customer gift with high utility value.



A high-quality desk pad for the office or a desk pad for the desk at home is also a great gift, especially for those who already have almost everything. And as mentioned before: You can also personalize your leather desk pad with a laser engraving or an individual embossing and you have a high-quality gift that everyone will be happy about.

Don't forget: Our office accessories can also be combined with each other, as they are all made of real leather and belong to our own design collections. For example, a leather desk pad can also be complemented well with our leather keyboard pad (26302). Also an exclusive leather pencil case may be a stylish addition, which the giftee will surely be happy about. Just look around in our assortment and let yourself be inspired...




Service and information

With every purchase in our store you will of course receive a 14-day right of withdrawal and a warranty of two years. (Personalized items are excluded from being returned). If you still have questions or would like advice, please feel free to call or email us.

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