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Jahn-Tasche – Practical pencil case / pencil pouch in size M made out of buffalo leather, brown, model 010






  • solid, robust, oiled buffalo leather, transparent coloured


Available in:

000000 990000 cc6633
Black Brown Cognac


200 Gramm


230 x 90 x 50 mm

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Content 1 piece
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Pencil case / pencil pouch / pencil bag / pen case / pen pouch / pen bag / pencil holder / pencil cover / stationary pencil case / leather pouch / leather case / for writing utensils, pencils, make up, cosmetics, school, uni, office, size M, made out of buffalo leather, hand-crafted, model 010 brown, for adults, for women and men


010: Beautiful, brown pencil case made out of high quality buffalo leather – for women and men


You are looking for a chic leather pen case to keep e.g. your writing utensils, your makeup in a stylish way or also other bric-a-brac, which should not loosely fly around your briefcase or handbag? Then you are exactly right here:


You do not want a brightly coloured pencil pouch made out of nylon which school kids love, because it has got e.g. many of their Star Wars heroes or a ton of pink unicorns with tacky rainbows on it, and of course the stationary pencil holder is so practical because you can throw everything into it just like that.


No, you are definitely too old for hat. You are an adult and wish for an elegant case made out of real leather which appears premium and robust and which is just as practical as a pencil pouch for kids. Open up the zipper, put the pencils or makeup or cough drops inside, close the zipper – done!


If you prefer it even more sophisticated, choose our rectangular leather pencil case with many incorporated elastic loops. There hardly is a more elegant way of keeping your pencils & co. (model 012).



Our all-rounder – Practical & chic: leather pencil case / pencil pouch made out of real leather in brown (010)



The pencil holder is made in the same workmanship as our leather bag 420:


This bag is made out of resistant buffalo leather as well, it has got no lining, the inside wall is made out of high quality real leather, the zipper is sturdy – just like the mentioned briefcase, the pencil pouch also is very robust and can handle a lot, even not very careful handling due to daily use. That means that also with everyday use, you will enjoy the resistant case for a long time.


If you prefer a rectangular, lined pen cover with sewn-in pen loops, please choose the even more elegant model 012.


Attention: one can partly see scratches and scars of the buffalo leather due to the open-pored leather processing. This does not indicate flaws of the leather but is a sign of the wanted natural look. That means that over time a special, very own Patina will develop. That makes every single one of these cases a real, beautiful unique item and you can be sure that your pencil bag really is one of a kind.






  • firm, sturdy, oiled buffalo leather, transparently oiled
  • one end-to-end compartment with a zipper



Scope of delivery:

Jahn-Tasche pencil case model 010 brown

  • Will be sent new and originally packed
  • Invoice including separately shown value-added tax (VAT)


The leather is free of toxic AZO dyes, PCP and chromium 6.




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