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Jahn-Tasche – Very Large Pencil Case XXL, 2 compartments, made out of buffalo leather, rust red, model 020






  • solid, robust, oiled buffalo leather, transparent coloured


  • lined


Available in:

000000 512f12 645653
Black Brown Grey
925521 963C57 464f58
Cognac Red Blue


350 Gramm


220 x 120 x 50 mm

delivery in 1-2 business days
EUR 55.00 *
Content 1 piece
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020: XXL pencil case - 2 compartments - made of high quality buffalo leather in rust red – for women and men


Are you looking for a really big pencil case for adults, i.e. one without any dinos, unicorns, rainbows or pirates, but one made of beautiful, high-quality real leather, in which you can store all your many writing utensils easily, but still in a stylish way?


Then watch out - How about this chic XXL double pencil case made of sturdy 1A quality leather? This well designed pencil case with two compartments could be just the kind of large pencil case you've been looking...



Chic XXL double pencil bag made out of real leather in rust red (020)


This 2 compartment pencil case satisfies every need, because in the two spacious compartments really fits everything: Whether pens, correction pen, pencils, drawing pencils, highlighter, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler or flash drive, even the reading glasses and a packet of tissues or a small box with blackboard chalk find space without any problems.


The rather bulky utensils are best stowed in the spacious main compartment, which does without any organizer units, so that this compartment can be filled quite freely. You can distribute all smaller items to the various organizer units at the top and bottom as you prefer.


The sturdy double pencil case has a stable shape altogether, so that the lid, base and side walls always stand securely and firmly and do not collapse, as is the case with many inferior pencil pouches.


Would you prefer a double decker pencil case that is equipped with a flexible insertion bottom instead of two separate zippered compartments, which means you can decide for yourself at any time how many compartments you want to use at any given moment? In this case, please choose our double pencil bag 016, also an XXL pencil case.



Attention: one can partly see scratches and scars of the buffalo leather due to the open-pored leather processing. This does not indicate flaws of the leather but is a sign of the wanted natural look. That means that over time a special, very own Patina will develop. That makes every single one of these cases a real, beautiful unique item and you can be sure that your xxl pencil bag really is one of a kind.




Features on the outside:

  • firm, sturdy, oiled buffalo leather, transparently coloured
  • lined
  • Wide main compartment with a zipper that goes all around, approx. 22 x 11 x 2.5 cm, at the top organizer unit with rubber loops and mesh compartment, at the bottom space can be used freely
  • narrow bottom compartment with a zipper that goes all around, approx. 22 x 11 x 1cm, at the top and at the bottom organizer units of various sizes (rubber loops, mesh slip pocket)


Scope of delivery:

Jahn-Tasche pencil case model 020 buffalo leather rust red


  • Will be sent new and originally packed
  • Invoice including separately shown value-added tax (VAT)

The leather is free of toxic AZO dyes, PCP and chromium 6.

We from like to have customers who are satisfied with our products. Therefore, we would appreciate your feedback and kindly ask you to do a product review. Thank you.

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