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    Jahn-Tasche – Large briefcase / teacher bag size XL made out of leather, cream beige, model 676






    • Sturdy cow leather, about 2mm thick


    Available in grained leather:

    512f12 000000
    Brown Black


    In smooth leather:

    ff0000 cc6633
    Red Cognac


    In waxed leather:



    2600 Gramm


    390 x 320 x 160 mm

    Delivery time: sorry, more than 8 weeks
    EUR 169.00 *
    Content 1 piece
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping

    Jahn-Tasche – Large briefcase / satchel / messenger bag / shoulder bag / tote bag / teacher bag / college bag, capacity: laptop up to 15 inches, wide A4 folder, size XL, made out of real leather, hand-crafted, model 676 cream beige, for women and men


    676: Beige teachers bag in size XL – for women and men


    You want to carry a lot around with you but still have your hands free? – We have the fitting XL leather briefcase with an extra 15 inch zip pocket for a laptop for you. You can also fit two wide A4 folders in the spacious leather bag. Smaller items fit perfectly into both large front pockets in A5 format.


    This robust shoulder bag model 676 is the same as the popular teachers bag model 675, but has got an additional carry handle alongside to the shoulder strap.



    Large briefcase / teachers bag made out of real leather in beige (676)


    Some of our customers expressed the wish of having an additional carry handle for the popular teachers bag model 675. This meant tinkering in order to find out at which point this should be attached, because the large flap with Velcro straps could not also be used as the base for a carry handle. Because that should help closing the briefcase without too much effort, even when it’s filled over the top without having to struggle too much with any kind of buckles.


     “Voilà”, here you have the result of all the ideas– the back side still had some capacity left and serves as main element since then. But attention: This carry handle really only is there to carry the leather bag over short distances, e.g. from one classroom to another. You should use the shoulder strap, when you carry it over longer distances, especially when the satchel is full and heavy. The handle is not ideally designed for longer distances and heavy weight.


    With this version of colour the leather is processed open-pored, dyed transparently, sparingly oiled and waxed. Due to the open-pored processing of the leather and the influence of sunlight, the natural surface of the leather will change a bit over time. That way, you really can be sure to own an entirely unique version of the briefcase, which you will enjoy for many, many years!




    Features on the outside:

    • two deep exterior pockets in A5 format with Velcro
    • a zip pocket on the back side
    • a carry handle
    • a long, robust, adjustable shoulder strap
    • a large flap with practical Velcro
    • great stability



    Features on the inside:

    • two inside pockets with a lot of space, e.g. for wide A4 folders (depth max. 8 cm)
    • a zip pocket for a laptop up to 15 inches  (39 cm)
    • to reduce weight and costs, the inside walls are made out of Lefa (leather fibre fabric)
    • unlined and raw-edged finish – for longer durability



    Scope of delivery:

    Jahn-Tasche teachers bag model 676 beige

    • Will be sent new and originally packed
    • Invoice including separately shown value-added-tax (VAT)


    The leather is free of toxic AZO dyes, PCP and chromium 6.



    We from like to have customers who are satisfied with our products. We would appreciate your feedback and kindly ask you to do a product review. Thank you.

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