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Branco – Very small wallet / coin purse size XS, made out of leather, black, model 108






  • Fine nappa leather of cowhide


  • Available in Red, Blue, Green, Beige, Brown, Black


35 Gramm


80 x 60 x 20 mm

* Incl. VAT excl. Shipping

Branco – Very small wallet / very small holder / very small pouch / very small purse / very small money holder / coin purse / coin wallet / coin pouch / mini wallet / mini purse / mini coin purse, capacity: no A7 format (no old driver’s license, personal ID, vehicle documents. This statement applies to GERMAN old, large-sized IDs etc.), no credit card format, size XS, made out of real leather, hand-crafted, model 108 black, for women and men


108: Super compact, very small coin purse in classic black – For women and men


Small – smaller – the smallest: the mini wallet made out of finest cow leather for the reserve money.


Where to put the money when you don’t want to take an extra shoulder or hand bag for your wallet with you e.g. to go out in the evening or to the gym? This very small, light leather holder is the perfect solution for such situations: You keep some coins and folded notes inside and it still fits into the tiniest jacket or trouser pocket.


If you are looking for a small, compact leather purse which also fits cards in credit card format, please choose br-105 (two card slots) oder br-12022 (three card slots) from our handy coin pouches.



Mini, mini, mini: Very small, very handy and very light coin pouch made out of real leather in black (108)



Do you know the situations when normal wallets with all their gadgets really are too big to take, but on the other hand you don’t want to show up without any money? In exactly those situations, this coin purse brings you the solution you have always been longing for.


Example „athletic activities“:


Whether it’s a hiking jacket, cycling jersey, ski suit or jogging pants – wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you will be able to pay because the light-weight mini purse really fits everywhere without ever being in the way.



Different example „going out“:


You wonder, where on earth you are supposed to keep your money in your festive outfit or while dancing? This small, fine pouch isn’t only special because it is made out of noble leather but also because it is very practical. The small holder fits into very small handbags as well as into jackets or pants pockets without any ugly bulging.



You can fit coins and folded notes in the smallest of our colourful mini wallets. But attention: remember that the space is limited in the mini holder. Generally, it is better not to put larger bills in this mini purse, because else your change won’t fit anymore. You should really only use this very small leather pouch when you have a minimal need of cash.






  • three compartments for notes (no credit card format)
  • a coin compartment at the front with a leather flap
  • a slip pocket on the outside of the back side (no credit card format)
  • snap closure



Scope of delivery:

Branco wallet model 108 black

  • Will be sent new and originally packed
  • Invoice including separately shown value-added tax (VAT)




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