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Hamosons – Professinoal waiter’s wallet / waiter’s purse made out of Nappa leather and oiled leather, black, model 1014






  • Cow nappa leather


  • Available in Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Brown, Black



180 Gramm


100 x 180 x 30 mm

* Incl. VAT excl. Shipping

Waiter's wallet / waiter's purse / waiter's bag / waiter's pouch / steward's wallet / waiter's holder / cab wallet / cab pouch / leather wallet / leather holder / pouch / purse / holster / belt bag / money holder / set / waiter's accessories / server's accessories / server's supplies / waiter's gastronomy, body made out of Nappa leather, flap made out of oiled leather, hand-crafted, model 1014 black with black, for women and men


1014: Unique, black waiter’s wallet made out of two combined types of leather – for women and men


We have got a large collection of different coloured waiter’s purses made out of high quality real leather at a fair price! You can choose from cheerful bright colours like orange, rose pink, light green, red, light red, royal blue and purple or also from the more classic colours dark blue, black and brown (1015).


Furthermore, we also have got many two toned wiater’s wallets, also made out of premium Nappa leather (1014). The two colours contrast nicely and are exactly the right thing for everyone who does not want a standard purse, but who is looking for a very special holder for a waiter’s need. This beautiful wallet will stand out – guaranteed!


With the version black / black not two colours but two different kinds of leathers were combined: Here, the body is made out of Nappa leather, the flap however out of oiled leather. And here as well – Both types of leather go well together and are for everyone, who on the one hand does not want it too colourful but still is looking for a very chic, striking leather wallet. Voilà, here comes a real eyecatcher which, only at second glance, shows how special it is.


The waiter’s holder have got five pockets for notes, a large coin compartment and an additional zip pocket. The closure is adjustable to three sizes and has got an eyelet to secure the pouch with a chain from theft.



We also offer matching coloured holsters for the wallets. Why don’t you order this practical belt bag in addition now (1009). Please note: The belt pouch for waiters, which is seen alongside to the purse in some pictures, is not included in the delivery. So if you would like to complete the waiter’s set, please be sure to order the waiter’s bag in addition!



Professional waiter’s wallet / waiter’s purse made out of real leather in black (1014):



Let the sun shine and bring a little colour into your work routine with our bright waiter’s purses – you decide whether it should be single or two coloured. It will also delight your guests and will make one or another smile. And you know, satisfied guests like to come back. But the classic versions of colour like navy blue, black and brown are a good decision as well.


In contrast, our two toned waiter’s wallets are a real eye-catcher: They are made out of noble Nappa leather, just like the single colour purses, and therefore fit your hand perfectly. With the version black / black not two colours but two different kinds of leathers were combined – the body is made out of Nappa leather as well, the flap however out of oiled leather. These two types of leather are especially nice to touch. Feel for yourself!


But to keep other people from grabbing your holder, we have incorporated an eyelet to connect a chain. That way, you can attach the pouch well and hopefully it will be kept safe from pickpockets.


Our wallets are crafted very solidly, they also handle a lot of business well. We have got the matching coloured waiter’s holsters in our collection as well (1009). However, you need to order these in addition, if you would like to complete your set of purse and holster.


Please note: The belt bag, which is seen alongside to the wallet in some pictures, is not included in the delivery, so as mentioned, please make sure to order it in addition!





Features on the outside:

  • closure, adjustable to three sizes
  • eyelet to attach the waiter’s chain



Features on the inside:

  • five compartments for notes
  • a large coin compartment
  • a zip pocket



Scope of delivery:

Hamosons waiter’s wallet model 1014 black with black

  • Will be sent new and originally packed
  • Invoice including separately shown value-added tax (VAT)



The leather is free of toxic AZO dyes, PCP and chromium 6.




We from like to have customers who are satisfied with our products. Therefore, we would appreciate your feedback and kindly ask you to do a product review. Thank you.

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