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Branco – Small wallet / purse size S for women made out of leather, brown, model 225






  • Fine nappa leather of cowhide


  • Available in Red, Blue, Green, Beige, Brown, Black



165 Gramm


80 x 110 x 30 mm

* Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
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Branco – Small wallet / small purse / small holder / small pouch / small money pouch / small money holder, capacity: no old driver’s license, vehicle registration or personal ID, size S, made out of real leather, hand-crafted, model 225 brown, for women


225: Small brown women’s wallet in size S


Being out and about with a small purse but still having everything with you? – It is possible: This is a compact pouch made out of high quality cow leather for slightly smaller handbags!


This small money pouch has got a compartment for notes, a coin pocket divided into two parts with a zipper that goes all around and eight slip pockets. You can keep e.g. your membership IDs, insurance cards or credit cards in the card slots.



Fits into every handbag: Small women’s purse made out of real leather in brown (225)


Even though the money pouch is small and fits into almost everything, it still has a surprisingly big holding capacity:


If you completely unfold the wallet, the long note compartment even fits a folded bank statement. There are eight slip pockets, one of them with a view window, for credit, business, discount, customer or membership cards. However, these pockets are too small for old, large-sized driver’s licenses, vehicle documents and personal IDs (This statement applies to GERMAN old, large-sized IDs etc.). But everything in credit card format fits perfectly into this compact money holder.


Separately from the pocketbook part, there is a coin pocket divided into two parts. It is closed by a zipper that goes all around. That way, no loose change can fall out.





  • a long compartment for notes (21 cm)
  • eight slip pockets in credit card format, one of them with a view window
  • a coin pocket that is divided into two with a zipper that goes all around



Scope of delivery:

Branco wallet model 225 brown


  • Will be sent new and originally packed
  • Invoice including separately shown value-added tax (VAT)




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